TabSquare SmartTab eMenu comes winner in Consumer & Staff survey conducted by Seoul Garden!!

Seoul Garden HotPot adopted TabSquare Solution in 2016 and started with a single outlet in Harbour front.  In just less than a year, 4 other outlets adopted Tabsquare Solution as well.  Seoul Garden claimed the solution has helped them streamline operations, improve service delivery, ultimately increase profitability and had helped them overcome various challenges in the F&B Industry.  They chose to work with TabSquare, as they found the solution to be the most comprehensive and well thought-out in the market.  They were also impressed with the forward thinking team, the data-driven up selling and cross-selling capabilities, which all brought to increase in sales.

However, apart from the increase in sales, they also wanted to know what customers and staff had to say about TabSquare EMenu.  They wanted to gain insights on the customer experience, satisfaction and if the solution had helped service staff improve their service levels.

A survey was conducted across all their 5 outlets and targeted their regular customers, new customers as well as staff to understand the impact.  The survey result was shared with TabSquare.  This is what they shared – TabSquare EMenu came out tops in both customer experience, user-friendliness and impact on improving service levels.  The verdict – customers love it! Staff love it as well!!  The survey result is illustrated below.

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